Sports Vision Training

Sports Vision Training at EyeZone and Christenson Vision Care

Sports vision therapy or training is used by athletes to heighten their athletic abilities and to give them the leading edge on the playing field. The optometry office of Christenson Vision Care in Hudson, WI can help you attain the visual performance levels that can put you over the top to place you one step closer to excellence in the sport of your choice.

Each optometrist at Christenson Vision Care is qualified to prescribe professional sports vision training programs. These programs are to eyes what working out in a gym is to the rest of the body.

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Improved Visual Performance Skills

The visual performance skills improved in our sports vision therapy include:

  • Eye tracking
  • Depth perception
  • Reactive agility
  • Central and Peripheral visual attention
  • Eye focusing

The sports vision experts at Christenson Vision Care and EyeZone begin the process of sports vision training with a basic eye exam, and an evaluation of the visual performance that is specific to the position and sport played. The eye exam helps the doctors determine areas of visual weakness or strength, and to use this information to develop specific sports vision training modalities to address any deficits in the visual system. Doctors Christenson, Flynn and Soukup work one-on-one with clients to develop their visual skills and procession to improve reaction speed times.

Contrast Sensitivity Tests.

This type of eye exam tests the athlete's ability to distinguish between increments of light that are finer and finer, versus a dark contrast.

Eye Tracking Tests

Eye tracking tests measure the ways in which the eyes track or follow moving objects. Tests may require participants to follow objects on a computer screen, or on a mechanical rotation device.

Ocular Alignment Tests

An important part of vision therapy is making sure both eyes are aligned to optimally work together. Testing can include covering one eye while offering the other eye visual stimuli, before uncovering both eyes to observe their responses to the same stimuli.  

Depth Perception Measurements

The athlete's ability to see in three dimensions can be measured by the Howard-Dolman Apparatus, a lit boxlike device that contains vertical rods that are manipulated through a system of pulleys and strings by the athlete.

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If you or someone you know in the Hudson WI area are interested in sports vision training, please call our optometry office at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment with a qualified optometrist.   One of our helpful associates will be happy to assist you. The number to call is 715-381-1234. We are located in Hudson, WI at 2215 Vine Street, Suite E.

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