Eye Allergies

Relief for Eye Allergies at Christenson Vision Care

Do you struggle with red, itchy, watery eyes and blurred vision, either at certain times of year or all year round? If your immune system is abnormally sensitive to any of the common allergens that surround you, the result can be an annoying problem called allergic conjunctivitis. But relief is in sight here at Christenson Vision Care in Hudson WI. Our optometry center can help you figure out the source of your misery and prescribe the right combination of solutions to help you cope with allergies.

Relief for Eye Allergies at Christenson Vision Care

The Many Causes of Eye Allergies

If you're at all familiar with allergies, you may know that they can stem from any number of triggers. Just like an allergic reaction to the body, your eyes can do same. Pet dander, dust mites, tobacco smoke, perfume, mold, pollen, and other environmental stimuli can cause allergic reactions. You can also be allergic to the eye makeup you're currently using. If you're not keeping your contact lenses clean, your eye allergies may be caused by the tiny particles that get stuck on the lens surfaces. Ironically, even the contact lens solution you use to prevent this problem could serve as a potential allergen in its own right.

Why should you suffer from eye allergies in the first place? Your immune system is reacting to some innocent particle or chemical as if it were an infectious disease, counterattacking with antibodies and producing large quantities of histamine. The resulting symptoms may include discharge from the eye as well as itching, redness, swelling, and blurring of vision. This combination of symptoms is referred to as allergic conjunctivitis to distinguish it from viral or bacterial "pinkeye." 

Treatment Options at Our Optometry Center

Christenson Vision Care is the place to go to when you're struggling with eye allergies. Our doctor of optometry will conduct an eye exam to eliminate other possible causes of your symptoms. If you're definitely suffering from allergic conjunctivitis, our optometrist can create a treatment plan option just for you, such as:

    • Oral antihistamine drugs to control eye watering and swelling
    • Medicated eye drops to soothe discomfort and reduce inflammation
    • Artificial tears to help wash allergens out of the eyes
    • Wraparound glasses to help keep irritating particles away from your eyes
    • Suggest lifestyle changes to help you steer clear of your allergy triggers
    • Changes in your choice of contact lenses, contact lens solution, or cosmetics

Consult Our Hudson, WI Clinic for Your Eye Allergy Answers

If you're tired of seeing the world through an itchy, blurry haze, it's time to get the answers to your eye allergy issues. Call Christenson Vision Care in Hudson, WI at (715) 381-1234 for an appointment!

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