Dos And Don Ts For Contact Lens Wearers


  • Wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly each time you handle your contacts.
  •  Check the contact lens to be sure it is not inside-out before insertion.
  • Use only those contact lens products approved by your eye doctor.
  • Follow these steps for cleaning your contacts (if using reusable lenses). These steps apply to multi-purpose cleaners such as Revita Lens and Opti-Free. If your doctor has recommended a different cleaning system, please ask about specific instructions.
  1. Clean by rubbing gently with contact lens solution. The FDA recommends rubbing even if you are using a "NO RUB" product.
  2. Rinse the contact lens with solution to remove loosened debris.
  3. Disinfect the contact by soaking in solution overnight. Never reuse or top off old solution. Use fresh contact lens solution each time lenses are cleaned and stored.
  • Clean your contact lens case after contacts are inserted by rinsing with contact lens solution. Leave the case open to dry.
  • Replace the contact lens case at least every 3 months.
  • Apply eye make-up after inserting your contacts.
  • Have a current pair of eyeglasses in case there is a problem with your contacts.
  • Remove your contacts immediately if they become uncomfortable. Try to clean and reinsert the contact lens.
  • If you experience persistent eye redness, irritation, discharge or vision change, discontinue contact lens wear and make an appointment to see your eye doctor. 
  • Replace your lenses as directed by your eye doctor. Your contacts are replaced every: (Please circle) DAY, 2 WEEKS, MONTH, 2 MONTHS, 3 MONTHS
  • If you are a new contact lens wearer, please follow our recommended wearing schedule. Your eyes will need to slowly adapt to wearing contact lenses.

Recommended Wearing Schedule:

Day 1 : Maximum 4 hours
Day 2 : Maximum 6 hours
Day 3 : Maximum 8 hours
Day 4 : Maximum 10 hours
Day 5 : Maximum 12 hours


  • Sleep in the contacts unless they were prescribed for overnight wear by your eye doctor. Sleeping in contacts may cause serious eye infections.
  • Wear contacts for any activity involving water, such as swimming, showering or using a hot tub. You may wear contacts if swim goggles are used over the contact lenses.
  • Store your contacts in tap water, saliva or any solution that is not approved for contacts. 
  • Share you contacts with friends or family. They are specific for your eyes only.
  • Insert a contact lens into an eye that is red, irritated or painful.
  • Miss your follow-up visits. Only a thorough evaluation by your eye doctor can determine how your eyes are responding to the contacts. Early signs of problems may not cause symptoms and routine follow-ups will help prevent such problems.

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** Please call if you have problems or questions. Let us know immediately if you lose or tear a trial contact lens. You must wear your trial contacts into your 1 week follow-up appointment.

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